Are you ready to begin your Journey to Wellness?


At Natural Options, we take pride in offering the best in holistic services. Our practitioners are all licensed in the state of Pennsylvania, and many take continuing-education classes to improve their services. Speak to any of our knowledgeable front staff with your questions and concerns, and they’ll be sure to help.

Massage Therapy

Whether you need a relaxing massage or deep work to relieve pain, Massage Therapists at Natural Options care about you and want to help you feel better while your body relaxes and heals.


Ancient Chinese medicinal practice of Acupuncture is easily available here at Natural Options.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Our gentle colonics are just the thing to get you started on a detoxification process, or to help with chronic digestive suffering.

Health Analysis

Are you tired of your health problems? Are you ready to begin your Journey to Wellness through nutrition and supplements?


Thermal Imaging takes the sting out of breast exams. Full-body, half-body, one area, breast exams are all available. Quick, easy and painless, Thermography is just what you’ve been looking for!